Thursday, February 2, 2012


"It" waddles across the room,
stumbles and fumbles for words
ordering, insulting, abusing Its authority
while the Shadow stands still
listens, does what It says,
muttering curses under its breath,
half hurt, half angry, ravenous for revenge
sun calms It down,
The Shadow is grateful in the day, counting its blessings,
Respect is respect not fear or submission
only moon awakens It, with spirits It rises,
stumbling, fumbling and waddling
foolishly blind to what It really is
Pitiful, Shadow thinks, Pitiful indeed!
Foolishly blind to what I am too.


CRD said...

Hi. Mentioned you in my blog :)


jnp said...
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jnp said...

Nicely written, and so true, especially in the C. Jung sense of the Shadow.